Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kuching LC and updates

We were at the Kuching LC from 19-24 May 09. It was my 1st LC and it was GREAT! The teachings were inspiring, and God spoke thru people to me. God gave me new courage and boldness to carry on this race. He told me to let nothing move me, but to keep on the race He has designed for me. He told me 1 Tim 6:12. He told me what He told King Jehoshaphat to take up his position, and the battle belongs to Him. He told me what I do influence the eternity of people - that was impactful. It made sense of the things that I do and I struggle with.
It has been pretty rough at work for the past 1 month... Rules of the game have changed, things have evolved but targets still remain, expectations are still high... it's not so much about how much bonus you are working for, but whether or not u still have ur job. But deep in my heart, I am confident that God will sustain me and keep me in my job, and I choose to believe in that because I believe He brought me into this line and He wants me to succeed. With this faith, I shall hold on to Him with regards to my job.
I've been struggling for a while now, with regards to my ministry.. but God has spoken to my heart and cheered me on.. I feel I am not up to mark, inadequate, and sort of screwed up things, but God has asked me to do what I do, and He has refreshed me with His vision for me. I have also decided to spend time listening to Him and do what He tells me to, instead of just running around solving problems. He loves me, and will help and equip me for the task He calls me to do.
It's been one year since I got married. Much has happened and transpired between us. We still have pronounced differences and differing ways of doing things and different points of views, but I thank God for Gerald because he is a wonderful man of God, with a soft heart towards Him and who loves me a lot - that was why I married him. I look forward to many many years ahead with him, that our relationship will mature like wine... I look forward to this journey that God has taken me on with Gerald.
God is the Lord of my life. I know in all things, He always takes care of me and plans the best for me, all to prosper me, not to harm me - this I am convicted of!

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