Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love After marriage (LAM)

We went for a 3-day marriage conference ran by Lorri & Barry Byrne from Bethel. It was a conference that was life-changing. We learnt much about our marriage, reconciled matters which were swept under the carpet, learnt many useful tools for us to live victoriously in this world. What we also got out of this conference were new friends we met and bonded (cos we all shared so vulnerably), old friends whom we connected even deeper.
Marriage is really God's idea; He wants us to experience His love for us through our marriage. I'd been wondering about our marriage and had been thinking about the fact that God allowed me to get married... He has His perfect plan. In marriage, I become a better person (though still ever-growing). In marriage, He allows my husband to sharpen me and to tone me down. In marriage I learn to think for another person. In marriage, with a child, we foster a brand new family unit and we build a new family. 
Thank You Lord for your grace, for Your gift of marriage and most of all, thank You for bestowing me with Gerald as my husband, who loves me, is patient with me, and who makes me a better person through his love. 

Indeed, both of us (two) are better than 1. 

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