Sunday, January 07, 2007

2007 Jan 7

We are into 2007 already. I actually dread it... cos I can already see that this is gonna be a trying year - at least for the 1st half of it. I have 3 more modules to clear for my masters (Module 3 starting tomorrow... AAARRRGGGHHH!!!), I have my fair share of travelling in-between my modules (my target this year increased by 80%), and I have not been in the best of health (the flu virus always catches up on me, sigh)

Sounds kinda discouraging for a new year, ain't it? But I guess (and I am on the road believing and claiming it) this is probably gonna be a year of stretching, testing of perseverance and character and in my relationship and dependency on God. As He has already said since June 06, that my time of testing and stretching is here... and in my opinion, this season is still not over. And He promised that He will take me to a new level of relationship with Him. I can only cling onto His promises (Praise song during service today is ringing in my head now: All of God's promises won't let go of me). He has also spoken to me during the WAM retreat over New Yr's day, about being courageous to step out and face all the challenges that will come along my way. Afterall, the righteous live by faith and He is not pleased if we shrink back. He encouraged me to press on and persevere on.

I am looking forward to a good holiday (which i dunno when), maybe in Bali or Melbourne (to find Alice), when I can just really unwind and take my time to think thru things and the going-ons in my life... This is a moment of escapism... how nice...

One thing I really hope and pray I will do and stand firm in, is not to be distracted along the way in my race. I cannot really afford to be de-railed, so God, I really need Your help in helping me to focus on You and on the outcome of things, and not be distracted by short-term excitements (quote from Ps Ben Lee, Sun Svc sermon, 7 Jan 07)

Lord, help me to run this race with joy, with purpose and with influence. I know You made me great so I can be a great influence for You - that others may see You in my life. It is a very heavy burden and task, but I want to be what You want me to be - I am at Your service, to do what pleases You and to do what extends Your Kingdom. It is easier said than done, cos life is not easy; it is difficult (quote from Isaac, WAMmer)

To all out there who struggles to be strong and to be uplifted, take heart, cos He is our Uplifter! (I am encouraging myself too)

HappY New YeaR!

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