Saturday, December 16, 2006


It all started as a lil' "expectation" from my colleague Daniel to go support them in the inter-department soccer tournament today. I kinda know this cos' I was supposed to go support them last year, but didn't. Anyway, due to the proximity of my house to the sports complex, I have little excuse not to drop by.
I scrambled out of bed at 9am, when I wanted to sleep in some more, cos I tuckd in at 245a last night (Reasons: Ramond my brother & Hitch the show). Anyway, went there and was supposed to drop by and go. By the time I realized the time, I would be late for my dermatologist appointment. I called them, they said they couldn't wait for me, cos their appointments were packed. Alas, I went back and decided to stay for the tournament. Anyway, the stay lasted about 4.5hrs in total! And Thank God they won the overall champion! My support was not in vain, haha!

The Champions

(Disclaimer: Emma is really bad at computer and stuffs. I have no idea why the photo cannot be rotated, ARGH!)

Anyway, when I came home, I felt uncomfortable and realized that I'd been sunburnt! Imagine the devastation!!! I hate to be sunburnt, and usually if I really do, I will be prepared for it. Today, no sunblock, no nothing, and the sunburn just crept up to me like a slithering snake! And the best part was, I was in the shade for the big part of the time, how unfair!
So, now I have red hair, and red arms, how's that for colour-matching????

Things had been pretty rough recently: The tiredness from all the traveling, continuous work and not much rest, plus those multiple persistent personal struggles. But most of all, the physical tiredness spills over to the rest of me. I long for a break - just ONE day of doing nothing and chilling out at the beach on my own, spending good time talking to God and clearing out my mind and all the clutter. Afterall, it IS the year-end and it IS time for reflection and preparing for the new year.

GOSH, I wish I could hibernate somewhere... I will be in Kunming with my whole family including the babies over Christmas, and I have a feeling I will be tired after that. Man, when can I REST??? Oh Lord, make time for me pls. I need the break, even if it is just for ONE day!


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