Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 3 of class in Lucerne, Switzerland

Today is Day 3 of class in Lucerne, Switzerland. It snowed yesterday and today.. nice, but chilly.

I am actually in the midst of class now, but needed something to kill the Zzz monster attacking me big time. When I arrived in Zurich on 16 Mar 07, those 2 days were really nice, cos there was no pressure of school or anything... it was just lala Land for that 2 days...
Since we arrived in Lucerne, you cna suddenly feel the pressure cos school IS pressure. We were given individual assignment on Day 1 already - that didn't help in relieving the stress.
Think it's quite proven that I am most likely allergic to studying. Everytime I start my Modules, I fall sick, and it is no different this time in Module 4...
I would love to go around after class ends, to chill out, see things, etc...but unfortunately, assignments HAVE to be done and group work presentations have to be prepared... ARGH! We all really thought this Module was Lala Land, but alas, we were somewhat disappointed after all the assignments and groupwork news were told to us.
Went out last night, chilled out and just wanted to experience local life here, but today, we gotta stay in to cramp for my assignment and discuss group work... sigh... the things we do in Lucerne.... I really want to try to finish up my stuffs so I have my weekends free and I can play... THAT'S what we'rer supposed to do here in Switzerland!!

Anyway, enough of ranting... I will TRY to still enjoy... the snow really helped...

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