Thursday, March 29, 2007

DreamLand is ending....

Lucerne, Switzerland

That was on Mount Pilatus that we went last Sunday - it was a GREAT time! It was cold up there, trust me, but vain me wanted to take photo in my nice blue top, so took the photo without my jacket and froze momentarily after the shot. Hehe! We did the snow-fights, slipped and fell on the snow works... but one of the most enjoyable part was the chilling-out-on-deck-chairs-freezing-our-butts-off activity (and of course, the Lucerne wine up there)

We just had a great time doing nothing, being silly, laughing at one another, and not even looking at the time - that was the best part. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously up on Mt Pilatus and we were all stoned at the end of the day.

Today is back in class AGAIN... it's torturous to be in class and not out playing.... We'd been hanging out at night, playing and having fun, cos there's absolutely NOTHING to do at night here in Lucerne, so all the crazy people hang out together and play games, talk crap, have fun.

Class ends tomorrow... can't wait! We're having a good closing dinner tomorrow night and then it's partying for the whole class again.... I will be off to Italy on Sat morning, and my computer won't be with me there, so, you'll hear from me again only when I get back to Singapore....

Till then, Ciao!

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