Thursday, November 22, 2007

He popped THE question!!

You only imagine such scenarios in your dream or on movies... when the man of your dreams pop the million-dollar question... yes, he finally did..... It was kinda surreal... The story goes....

Last Sunday night, we went for dinner at 7th Storey hotel. I've not been there before though many acclaim about the steamboat there.. We then proceeded to a Jap place for dessert... After which he sent me home and he had to come in to pick up his guitar which he left in the car from our MPC class on Sat... The guitar was in my room and I had to find a set of teachings for him, thus we were there. Then as I was packing him home, he sat down, fumbled with the guitar bag and said he wanted to show me something... he took out the guitar and was filled with emotions... and he said, he wants to propose to me...

Tears welled up in my eyes and I started to tear... he then played this song and sang to me... I continued to tear because I was very touched by the words...

My heart is filled with so much love
And I need someone I can call my own
To fall in love--that's what ev'ryone's dreaming of
I hold this feeling oh so strong
Life is too short to live alone
Without someone to call my own
I will care for you, you will care for me
Our love will live forever

Shower me with your love
Shower me with the love that I long for
Shower me with your love
Shower me with the love I've been waiting for

I close my eyes and pray all my wishes come true
Ev'ry night I go to sleep
Until you're mine, I'll wait for you endlessly
Can't you see
Fairy tales, they do sometimes come true
If you believe, it could happen to you
Like the stars that shine way up in the sky
Our love will live forever

He was choked with emotions by the 2nd verse... I was very touched because it was SO sincere, SO real, SO down-to-earth... THAT, is Gerald for you...

He then whipped out the ring and asked, "Will you marry me?"

And I continued to tear with joy and said, "Yes, I will."

Like TV drama hor..... but it was magical... He said he called up quite a few hotels, asking if he could play the piano as he wants to propose, but was turned down cos they said he didn't have some license... DUH... I was touched, because it has been in his heart for this moment, and never took it lightly - that, too, touched me...


Ally said...

I'm so happy for you and m glad to share in your joy! Hands down for gerald's proposal.

- Dangerous, your 14-year-old fren

EMs said...

Thank you so much, my dearest 14-yr-old friend, "Dangerous"... Get Uncle Sam to read my blog! hehehe...