Tuesday, November 06, 2007

POP # 5

Power of Praise # 5 - our Bangkok church's annual praise & worship concert...

It was AWESOME, and a GREAT time of learning for us who spent a few days with the worship team... The way they do things is SO professional and so excellent.

It never fails to refresh my heart everytime I visit our church in Thailand: their sweet spirit, excellence and tremendous hospitality is always a good reminder of how our church started and why I serve in such a God-loving church and movement. This time, I learnt a great deal about serving in the worship ministry and how to do events better... despite their busy schedule and stress, they don't tire in explaining to us why and what they do.. I was very touched by their kind sharing. I am inspired again to serve to my best ability, what God has called me to do... Thank you, Hope Bangkok worship team, for your lives and your examples... We have been very blessed and refreshed by you!

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