Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

*champagne popping, whistling, shouts of "Happy New Year", the fanfare and the excitement*

Today's Jan 2nd. The above description was over and done with on Dec 31st. Time, indeed waits for no man... It doesn't linger, it knows no one, no situation, and it doesn't tick or stop depending on what and what-nots... It chugs along as it is dutied to do so... I was pondering about 2008 and how Time just passed 2008 by... What could I recall? Time. It is with time that you recognize events, happenings and activities. In order for me to reflect on 2008, I took our my diaries and flipped through Time.

2008 has been eventful and life-changing. Indeed, people said, the 2nd most important decision one makes in life other than whether to know Jesus personally or not, is who to marry. Who one marries maketh the man/woman..
I believe Gerald made me a better woman. This union in marriage has taught me sooo much, opened my eyes to things I never comprehended or understood, gave me insights of life and our destiny. A marriage mirrors the relationship between Christ and His Church (see previous post). A marriage is the ultimate brother-sister-in-Christ relationship cos' you fellowship with each other everyday. It's like super extended church camp when you wake up and your room-mate sees you, when you talk loudly, eat hungrily, sleep snoring, and interacting with one another for an extended period of time. A marriage is about denying oneself - that is what God wants us to do in our life on earth: to love Him and love others.. nothing said about loving self (only). A marriage helps one to think for the other and listen, instead of just talking about oneself all the time. Marriage changes a person; it's inevitable. If you take it well in your stride and submit to each other with reverance for Jesus, it is a wonderful learning experience. I love being married to Gerald. Thank You Lord.

ASPT (Adults Service Programming Team) was borne. It is a channel for my passion and I am humbled that God allowed me to be involved. I thank God for the team I work with, they who bear with my brashness, my "strict-ness", my frankness and my passion:
Rachel Tan
Wendy Tan
How Joo
Rachael Lee
Chris Goh
Ah Long
Elaine Lim
Pei Key
Thank you for giving your best! It's my honor and privilege to work with you guys. You guys are so gifted by God and it's great to see all the talents work together for His Kingdom. Let's ask Him to take us places!

There are so much to give thanks to God for 2008. Time was spent meaningfully, and I thank God for that.
But year-end tends to invoke some melancholy. (Having done a quick survey with my colleagues around me, I am not the only one.) Year 2009 is a challenging year: the financial market looks gloomy, ministry looks challenging, and many uncertainties loom, with storms brewing inevitably as it's life. But I wrote in my diary last night and shared with my confidante (Gerald), that I want to declare 2009 as a year of victory, fruitfulness, success, properity and growth because God is all that. As we spent time praying and worshipping last night, God was faithful and affirmed a HUGE fruit in a vision He impressed in my mind, and concertedly, spoke to Gerald from His Word during his QT with Him earlier on. I believe even more that He will bring fruitfulness to our family in 2009!

With God, all things are possible! With trust in God, even if storms are to come my way, I will choose to look up to the hills where my Help comes from - my Helper and Maker. What a wonderful and uplifting way to start the new year. He is our Provider and Sustenance!

What does 2009 hold for you...? Is it the doom and gloom that looms (anyway), or the quiet confidence that He works all things for the good of those who love Him and He is watching over you...?

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