Thursday, November 22, 2012

One month..

寶寶樂樂 is more than one month old .. It's wonderful that he is growing well despite the first-few-weeks glitches, haha!
He has also been gaining weight which is great encouragement to a breastfeeding mama. It must be His Grace that graced me through the 1 month. I have heard many horror stories of how new moms cannot cope during their 1st month... Maybe I don't have a good memory, so memories of v difficult times during the 1 month are q vague. Of course, like what everyone says, every baby is different so you must know your baby. Haha! I am getting to know a new person indeed! I was telling some friends that I still don't feel a lot of for him cos maybe 我們相處的日子還不夠長。
But it is quite cute looking at such a small helpless baby that is supposedly mine ... And it's great joy to see Hubby so amused & happy with 樂樂。

Thank You Lord for the journey so far.. I know You are w me...

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