Monday, October 29, 2012

Week 2 of Motherhood

1 Nov 2012: wow, it's November already! We have our new addition to our family! Benjamin our dear son was born on 15 Oct 2012, 1002pm, after a 24hr labor then emergency C sec. The Lord was w us indeed. When I first heard his cry, my tears nearly streamed down my face... When I first saw him, I was thinking,"so you are the one... I finally get to meet u.."
It has been an interesting 2 weeks... Been at my Mum's place for confinement but had been learning the ropes of taking care and meeting the needs of this new little one... He is little indeed.
I thank God for His Grace so far that we have been coping ok- not fantastic esp when he fusses and cries for no reason, but generally we are getting by. With all the busy-ness, it is easy to forget God.. Dear Lord, pls hold me close to You all the time and not let me outta Your sight even for a moment, even when I get all caught up taking care of Baby Benjamin and not spend that quality time w You.. I don't want to walk without You or go through this without You, for You are my source of strength and Joy and You are the Giver of this gift. Lord, give me more strength, tenacity, Grace, so I can juggle more and walk closer w You...
I look forward to this coming Christmas season where Christmas is in the air. They are already putting up the lights and decorations in Orchard Rd- that is the surest sign that Christmas is in the air... I look forward to bringing our little baby out to look at the lights and sights of Christmas and spending this Christmas with our little gift from God.

Thank You Lord, for Your promise...

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