Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fire-fighting week (wats new?)

This week has been a fire-fighting week. At work, phone-calls, clients' enquiries, servicing matters, etc etc, were crazy. And DON'T remind of THAT particular client who gets on my nerves by haggling for better rates. Is Private banking and Wet market synonymous....???? That irks me a greeat deal... Well, that's part and parcel of the servicing line, isn't it? *shakes head*

I'd been very tired - mentally, emotionally, physically. Thank God my spiritual state still ticks more or less... Thank You God. I'd been thinking of sooooo many things - that tires me out mentally. But I know all these thinking and pondering, struggling, tussling, haggling are necessary... Testing kinda looks like that I guess. If I don't go through this thinking, reasoning, tussling exercise, I don't think I will learn anything out of it... Lots of things that happen cause me to look at the world and ponder... I thank God I belong to His World... but of course, THAT in itself creates a tussle as well... This world is messy... Human hearts are messier...

Well, I don't really see when all these tussles in me are gonna end/slow down... but I know a couple of things: 1) I will not be tested/tempted beyond what i can bear... God knows better than me. 2) Faith is seeing the unknown. 3) He is in-charge of this testing-episode, I just gotta go through it trusting Him... Again, He knows better than me. 4) The mind is a powerful tool. i guess in many things, we gotta make the decisions in our hearts and minds. That's where change (for the better/according to His way) will really take place.

Life is really not easy nowadays... And don't ask me when I am off to Taiwan again... Not that I do not like the place (I am beginning to), but I really need a break from the travelling... Another day comes yet another day of challenges and fire-fighting in every sense - work, my heart, my mind, etc... Oh, that the Rain of the Lord will come and douse these fires when they have done their work of refinement (of my character and inner man)..

Have a Great weekend; Mine's quite short... But I still thank God for it!

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