Friday, September 01, 2006

Another week is over (",)

(",) HanLong taught me this smiley (Not sure how many knows this, or can figure it out: it's a face, with both eyes looking left, with a lil' smile). Ok, cheap thrill... Well, it's Friday-night entertainment... Hahaha.

The week's over before we know it... I pondered about how, in spite of all the grumblings of how tough times last seem to last forever, etc, time doesn't wait, and passes real quickly. Just think about it with me.. It's September already... Gosh, it seemed like only yesterday when it was February... Anyway, I guess time will only go faster, not slower... It's weird huh? I guess this perspective changes as we age...

My week has been quite good, I would say. I had a good time with God on Wed, conversing with Him on a very casual note. That time of communing was so natural and easy... Well, He IS a relational God afterall. I learnt that:
1) Tough times on earth are temporal. God and His Ways are eternal, so always keep ourselves in perspectives especially when our heads are below water.
2) As far as the east is to the west, He has thrown my sins into the sea and has separated me from the entanglement of past sins.
3) He values me SO much. I asked Him why. He simply said, cos' there is value in me. He sees a lot of value in me. If others think I am good/great, He thinks I am even better/greater, simply cos He made me and I am His child. Every parent thinks the world of their kids. (My closest experience is being aunt to my nephews - I think the world of them).
4) When I go through tough and challenging times, I AM able to bear them, simply cos He said I can. Not cos I can on my own abilities, but simply cos His Word says He will not let me be tempted beyond what I can bear. So surely, I AM able to bear them. I just sometimes need to grit my teeth and walk through it. Like I always sprout: People will only grow when they go through hard times (sounds better in Chinese).
5) He said He values me, He wants to use me to be an impact in the world (work) and in church, and that His plans are to prosper me, not to harm me (I just gotta Trust Him).

Then I was whining to God and saying, "But work is so hard sometimes...". And He said, "Just do your best on your part, and leave the rest to me." In sales, you learn what is walking by faith.

Thank you, Lord for all that I had been struggling with... At least You show interest in my character (still). Thank You for always making clear things to me - it means a lot to me. Like my shepherd said, it's important to always make sense of what you are going through...

Tomorrow's Sat... I gotta savour every moment of it... so, enjoy yours too! (",)

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