Sunday, October 08, 2006

Module-2 Torture starts tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow marks yet another 2 weeks of torture. Module 2 of my Masters starts tomorrow. So, for the next 2 weeks, my world will stop spinning, and all I know and see, are my classmates, and... my classmates.
I had been really stressed about going back for Module 2, because I think out of the 5 modules, this module is the worst - most "siong" one. Just 3 subjects, but they are like the heaviest...


HeavyWeight No. 1, weighing 1 credit, 30 hrs, here... is.... EQUITIES!!! *cheers, whistles and claps*

next, we have... weighing ALSO 1 credit, ALSO 30 hrs, here comes...... FIXED INCOME!!!!! *whistles, cheers, claps*

And last... but not least..... HeavyWeight No. 3. Weighing ALSO 1 credit..... AND ALSO.... 30 hrs..... let's put our hands together and welcome...... CORPORATE FINANCE!!!!! *crowd goes wild*

Yup, these are gonna be my source of torture for the next 2 weeks... I can't remember how Module 1 tasted already... though, I know it was TOUGH... oh Lord, be with me...

As I was dreading today to be over, (cos tomorrow comes after today), I was showered with a lot of Love.. I was blessed with PRESENTS! I mean, it's not the presents that make me feel loved, but the reasons why I was given these presents... I was soooooo touched, cos people remember and care for me...

Presenting... present No. 1, with Love from Pei Key:

And guess what's inside....?

And here comes Present No. 2, with Love from WeiZhu & Joseph A - 2 wonderful brothers from my previous CG... (Some of these people sometimes see something, and they buy me, cos they think of me... how sweet is that....?) Thanks, NG1A3!

Oh, since I haven't wrote for a long time, just something from yesterday... yesterday was quite a babies' day. I went to see my god-daughter, Claire:

And then had a 'family gathering" with Alice, Ramond, Eugene, Ah Seng. Before going off for our gathering, we went to Alice's place to see Charlize, Alice's daughter:

Last but not least, to end off my Saturday, I have my 2 cutest nephews, Shau En (Shaun):

And Shau Jet:

So, that's about it for now, folks... if I still can breathe over the next 2 weeks, I might drop a line or two... Well, don't miss me too much...cos' you won't be seeing me much... O God, Help me!

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