Friday, October 13, 2006


Man, I under-estimated this module again... and you know what I heard? Module 2 is still not the most "siong" one. Module 3 will be the worst... Somebody kill me!!!!!

In Fixed Income class today, I really asked myself why in the world did I sign up for this course...???? I am SO not cut-out for these studying stuff man.... It's sooooo chim... Today is Friday - we have ONE more week to go, and I am already feeling saturated, stressed-out and most of all, stupid. You can't believe all the stuff that goes on in class... The lecturers are SO good, they think we're 1/100 of them, but some of us, like myself, are not even there, so that's where the problem is... The disparity is just too great...

I think I do get such syndrome when I study, or even when I am in the midst of major projects or a major hurdle to cross (eg., sales targets, life challenges, etc). I get so stressed up in the midst of stuffs - they can overwhlem me at times... like now...
Gosh, I dunno how I am going to absorb everything, sit for quizzes, exams, and learn the whole picture (like I did on hindsight for the last Module - that is my comfort and encouragement to press on).

Every morning I wake up and ask God to help me to get through the day cos it is just so intensive. Well, I guess one of the main result will be character-building. Oh Lord, help me and build my character.

My classmates are great! here's a picture we took after our group project with some others still in the seminar room:

Till I have the sanity to write again....

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