Tuesday, November 21, 2006


This is a brand new world of wireless stuff for me. Ok, I know I have been in the caves for a long time. The world is probably using purple or black tooth while I just discovered bluetooth. I just got my new mobile phone (at long last). And there's bluetooth, so I could send music, photos to and from my phone and my ibook. Man, such accessibility is marvelous!

This is a photo I took with my new phone of the 2 loves of my life:

Well, a lil' update of my life... Been down with another bout of cold AGAIN. Yea yea, tell me about it... I am like popping pills since quite some time back. And I think my health and immunity system is really not in its best shape, as when this flu bug hits me, my body literally shuts down and I am groggy and can't do anything... That's how bad it's been for the past 2 days. But God is good. I got totally well right before I went Beijing. Oh yea, Beijing is a nice place. Here're some pics:

Met one of my aunties in Beijing... Cool rite?

Other than Beijing, think my life has been in a lil' upheavel. Well, God spoke specifically to me on Sunday, so I guess it is foolishness if I ran away like Jonah. I don't wanna waste time staying in the belly of a fish just so that God can get through to me. I learnt that as I grew as a christian, and as I know more things about God, it gets more difficult to just leap out in faith like when I was a newbie in this faith. But it is very refreshing to be reminded of how Abraham obeyed God when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, his one and only beloved son. And David said in 2 Sam 24 that he will not sacrifice to God that which cost him nothing. Joshua challenged his people to throw away the gods that their forefathers worshipped, and to choose for themselves who they want to worship. Well, testings and temptations are but common to men, but when u are in the midst of it, things ain't as simple as they seem. I was reminded of the times when I took out the moral courage to stand for my God in the midst of persecution, to go for water baptism, etc. Those were memorable days of victory,.

Oh God, it is only by Your Grace that I can stand before You. Let me be victorious once again! You are Jehovah Nissi - my Banner! Fly High in my life O Lord!

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Anonymous said...

Gal, ur 2 loves are very very lovely... :)