Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cars Galore on May Day!

Had a party at home yesterday to celebrate my nephew Shau En's birthday. And my uncle drove his latest toy to my place for us to ogle at - the FERRARI. Man, is it roaring! He took me on a spin around my place... it was exhilarating indeed!

My dad also got his new toy! It's really a Beauty...

Went to join my CG for dessert at night and we had a laughing good time, as usual! I really LOVE hanging out with them. With them, there is no need to impress, no need to upkeep any image. I can go and hang out with them in anyway, and the bond and love is there... now, that is definitely NOT shallow and I thank God for this Agape Love bound by Him.

Here's one for you WAMers, remember those unforgettable Malacca times...?

Well, today's a slow day... took leave to go to the hospital with Mum, and then there was some miscommunication... sigh, let's not talk about that... anyway, spent the day resting, and doing stuffs... but not what I was really supposed to do, like the dreaded ASP (advanced study project). The mention of those 3 letters makes me SO uneasy... it's synonymous to TORTURE. Tomorrow's Thursday, back to work... why must we work...????


Jesuafreak said...

We muz work coz bible says "Those who dun work; dun eat"

2 Thessalonians 3:10

yeu@nn said...

Wow! Nice cars!!! :D Vroom vrooom!!!!

Haha... hey sis, just to say tt i really enjoy reading ur blog, it's v uplifting! Keep on blogging k! :D Thank God for you always, sis!


EMs said...

Hey jesuafreak, that's why it's only a dream not to work, unless I marry a rich man and become a tai-tai. haha!

yeu@ann: thanks for your support and encouragement, u keep on walking with God too!