Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shau En turns ONE today and Ecclesiastes...

Today is my younger nephew's actual birthday, and he turns ONE today... we had a mini, simple, cosy family celebration after dinner at home just now.... will upload the pics when my sister downloads them...

Been feeling kinda pensive recently... can't really put a finger to the exact emotion. Perhaps it is a mix of anxiety cos' of ASP, cos' of the events, activities, responsibilites lined up till' like Sept... maybe it is the doldrums of work... maybe it is the angst that I want to spend much more time having fun and chilling out with friends,

(Chilling out with WAMers...)

(WAM retreat @ Kukup)

and enjoying life... Alas, the realities of life are real things that we have to grapple with...

And at times, I catch myself reminiscing those idlic Swiss-Lala-Land days... here's some for the reminiscence...

Mr Just-Cavalli-Toby & I:

Ms Vietnam-Ha & I:

Well, life is what you make out of it... when you are at it, get the most out of it and enjoy it through and through. Afterall, God wants us to enjoy what He has given us - friends, good food, fellowship, Him. But above all, fear Him and Love Him is the most important of it all....

"Seize life! Eat bread with gusto,
Drink wine with a robust heart.
Oh yes—God takes pleasure in your pleasure!
Dress festively every morning.
Don't skimp on colors and scarves.
Relish life with the spouse you love
Each and every day of your precarious life.
Each day is God's gift. It's all you get in exchange
For the hard work of staying alive.
Make the most of each one!
Whatever turns up, grab it and do it. And heartily!
This is your last and only chance at it,
For there's neither work to do nor thoughts to think
In the company of the dead, where you're most certainly headed."
(Book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 9, verses 7-10)

The last and final word is this:
Fear God.
Do what he tells you.

I guess when we put things into perspective, life IS Great.

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