Friday, June 15, 2012

New beginnings

I started on my new job in a new place. We are also awaiting excitedly the arrival of our dear 宝宝. This year is such a great year of big changes for me- the job and the baby.

I've been tremendously blessed by God to be in this new job. We moved in a team so it's not so lonely coping with a new environment. This is like my dream job. And over the past 3 days of training and orientation, it really reinforces this idea of this place being my dream job: people are nice , culture family-like, people believing in team work, prestigious, understanding. I feel so blessed being here. Thank You Lord. You knew this was the desire of my heart many years ago when I knew about this company. You are wonderful and You give us good things. I pray that I will be able to work in this place for the rest of my career life, ideally to be able to transfer to another place so we can go and do church planting (hopefully in China). Lord I don't know how and I don't know Your plans but I pray that You will open doors for my company to want to start an operation in China and open doors for me to go and pioneer new frontiers ! This is my heart's desire. I pray also that God will continue to level the ground before us and make all we do succeed because You are our God! All accounts and assets to be opened smoothly!

The pregnancy has been goin very well thus far. All these by the grace of God. It was Him who formed this baby perfectly and uniquely inside my womb.
Oh Lord, I have no idea what it is like to be a mother. Help me not to be over paranoid as I have this tendency. Help me to take care of this child You have so graciously entrusted to us by Your Grace.
Gerald is very happy everyday just thinking of our dear 宝宝。and it delights me to see him so delighted. That's probably how God is when he sees us.
This is a new journey, new beginnings... Lord, pls be with me every step of the way and may all I do an embark on be pleasing to You...

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howjoo said...

we are very happy for you two! Jiayou and don't worry about the motherhood. God has prepared your heart to love and to care, nothing will stop you from loving (him/her?)