Thursday, September 06, 2012


Life has been fruitful, and it's humbling to know that God chooses us and blesses us so overwhelmingly. Work has been fruitful, all glory to Him... 宝宝 has been growing well and good by His Grace. He is now 32 weeks old and has been moving and wriggling inside me more and more... You have said You will give us the Grace to raise 宝宝 and we will rely on You.

Gerald and I have been talking a lot about how our lives will be after 宝宝arrives... Most of it revolves around how we desire to continue to expend ourselves for the Kingdom and not just the kid. We are inspired by godly examples around us who balance between God's Kingdom and Family. We believe that putting Him first will never be wrong. We have been very honored to hear from the Lord His plans for 宝宝, and I felt like Mary who kept all these things in her heart (as her son grew up). I believe His Words will give us the strength and the long-sightedness as we bring up our kids. We desire to impart kingdom-mindedness and the vision of eternity to our 宝宝.

Our LG has also enlarged in a very big way. We combined with another LG who already has an attendance of maximum 21 people. This made our FIRST combined LG 25 peeps - and we were blown away. Apart from the sheer size, we are also blown away by each person who makes up the LG. They are people with such tender hearts for the Lord, so willing to learn and so eager to know Him more. These hearts touch us a lot. And we pray and ask God to help us to be good leaders, shepherds who love and lead our sheep with hearts and skilful hands. Thank God for Your grace and abundance!

Our lives will probably turn upside-down in a matter of weeks and we can only look to God for His Strength and His Grace.

Lord, You have been so so good to us. Thank You Lord!

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