Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Easter is over. Our services were great, not because our programme was great; in fact our programme was normal. But God was present. Both Sat and Sun service... His Love was Overwhelming. It was so encouraging to see how HIs people served Him tiredlessly, despite physical constraints like age. (winks at the Dinos)

easter svc

I was extremely blessed by this Easter. On Sat night, something unusual happened to me. I was rather tired (or so I thought), so I laid down to sleep. But tears started rolling down by face onto my pillow. They didn't stop, and I was rather surprised, as I could not understand why I was crying. So I started praying, and the more I prayed, the more I teared. I then started asking God what He wanted me to pray about, cos I gathered after a while that perhaps it was an encounter with Him. It was burdensome to intercede... for those who have yet to know Him, for our ministers who were tired, for my family, etc etc. It was a heart-wrenching time. This went on for about 45min... I was real tired by then, but I couldn't bring myself to sleep without asking Him. Finally, I think He "permitted". I was excited... Excited to see how these prayers will come to pass, excited because I interceded according to His will, His leading. It was memorable and precious, as it was a time between my Lord and I. I was also overwhelmed by ALL that He has given me. All that I have - my talents, giftings, abilities, personality, character, everything... is what He designed. Thank You for this honour to be Yours.
Easter was a time I thought of His love for me... It was overwhelming. After 10 years, He still amazes me. Thank you for this EverNew Love... Thank You for this special Relationship.

During this business trip, I wanna continue to declare fruitfulness in my work, for He is a God of Fruitfulness and success!

Thank You in advance...


Anonymous said...

are you coming back soon?

why are you taking so long?


EMs said...

Hahaha! Thanks for reading my blog... Yea, coming back later, changed my flight to an earlier flight. But going into office later. Tell u more when I get back. Thanks for missing me... ;)