Monday, April 10, 2006


I stayed home today cos' I am having such a bad sore throat. GOSH, it's torturous man. I just got a camera. It's so fun. Check out some of the shots I took... Life has been rather monotonous. Other than those times I spend with my CG people serving, laughing and having fun, life has been rather monotonous. But quite a few things have been on my mind... maybe I think too much. My ipod could not be updated, frustrated me... had to do stuffs to get it up and about again... technology, gadgets... they get on your nerves when they don't work. That's why they are not in my favourites' list. But I must say, they are useful and do make like mroe colourful. For those of you out there who do not know, WAM has quite a few eligible bachelors... They are people who have wonderful character AND personalities, gifted, talented, AND love God. Tho' they are better as brothers to me, they are all great and available people... I decided to undertake this important job as the WAM spokesperson.

Church life is vibrant, exciting and fun. Serving God is great fun and very satisfying indeed. For anyone who has not experienced the joy of serving the Lord, you're missing out on a great deal.

Guess I'll just leave it for now... I'll be expecting emails... ;)

P.S: Sorry, no pics yet, dunno why couldn't download. Next time, dudes...

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