Thursday, July 27, 2006


It's been a rather tough week for me... Somehow feels like all energy has been drained outta my body, sapped away... Many people ask me the same question, "Are you alright? Is anything troubling you? Are you stressed? Are you sad? Tell me your problems... etc etc". I guess I have a face that tells it all... I am not troubled by anything in particular. I am just extremely tired... Probably used up too much of my brain cells and my body ain't used to it. Hahaha!
Perhaps one of the stress points is my business trip next week... One full week in Taiwan, plus my bosses going with me, and I am still not very familiar with the place, and language-wise, I have lots to learn... Business trips are always stressful... Thank God He is always encoouraging me to press on.
It is never easy to persevere in something (especially when it is God's will). It is always difficult to do things that I can't but God says I can. Well, if He says I can and He has opened all the doors needed for me to "can", then I have to press on till I see the fruits of my labour. I am results-oriented, so when I don't see immediate results/outcome but have to plough and sow and grow in the (long) meantime, it can get very challenging for me. Lord, thank You for always reminding me of all the things You have done to place me where I am today... That very fact keeps me going.
On Tue, I met up with Coconut, my secondary school friend. We had a GREAT time grousing, moaning, complaining, encouraging, supporting each other... It's such a wonderful fact that we are not just great long-time friends, but we are sisters-in-Christ as well... Here's one for you my dear friend! And thanks for being there!
Well, that's about it for now... You've always been a great audience!

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