Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Flowers & Module 5...

Started Module 5 yesterday... It's wonderful to see my classmates again... ended the day with such a wonderful surprise... someone came to my school and brought with him a bunch of flowers... I was talking with my classmates while waiting for him... and when he came, he actually whipped out that bunch of flowers and gave it to me (in front of some of my classmates)... it was SO SWEET... he was a little embarrassed about it, I was a lil' shy (ok, be surprised.. I DO get shy).

For those of you who are shocked at this gesture, I am here to verify that Gerald is very very sweet, just that he doesn't show it to just anyone ;)

Will just share this lil' (more juicy) part with you guys... I'll save the rest for myself... (",)

Today is Day 2 of Module 5, got homework to hand in today already... 2 more weeks to go!


o_O !!! said...

wah, this is really juicy leh. :P

- keng suan.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is so sweet. So glad to see this post :D - sheep

yeu@nn said...

Cooool! :D Juicy!!!

EMs said...

Dear O_o, thanks for your comment, yes, he is sweet indeed.

My dear sheep, I remember your kind advise to just enjoy the courtship ;p

yeu@ann: Cool is an understatement, haha! mushy stuff is more than cool;it's cold (DUH). Haha!

Thanks guys, for rejoicing with us!