Sunday, June 10, 2007

sharing of good news...

I would like to thank God, my parents, my CG-mates, all my fans, oops, friends... Hahaha! Well, the Good News is that: Jesus Loves YOU and He is ALIVE!!!

The good news (note:small caps) is: emma is in LuRve... (*blush blush*) Don't know how else to put it except in the most direct way. Most of you would have heard about it.. and "thanks" for spreading it for us. If only you guys would spread the Good News as quickly, many other people will go to Heaven =). Thanks to all who rejoice with us and congratulate us (him).

The other good news of course, is ONE WEEK DOWN for school!!! I have only ONE more week to go!!! Thank You God for sustaining me till now... like Ps Jeff said, I thought I was crazy to even enroll for this Masters course, and I am his friend who thinks studying even for 3 minutes is torture. My middle Name is "PLAY" for your information. This final module is kinda bitter-sweet. On one hand, I am GRADUATING!! On the other hand, I am gonna miss my classmates and all the great and fun times we spend together, slogging complaining, and playing! SO here's a TOAST to MWM Class of 2006: You guys ROCK!!

Tomorrow is Monday... this week is church camp and I am gonna miss a big part of it cos of Module 5... SIGH... u can already feel the pain in me (that I can't be there for the whole camp)... told u my middle name is PLAY. So, for all you guys who are going for "Building a Prevailing Generation" Camp, watch out for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your lives! (Don't say I didn't warn u!)

Have loads of fun in Malacca!

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