Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'n in!! I'm in!!

My 1st blog... I'm impressed with myself! Considering I am not quite IT savvy... This virtual world is really amazing.. My life in Virtual Land starts at 29. I shall discover more about this blogging thingy - why it draws people to do it. Perhaps people want to be heard, so airing in Virtual Land is a good substitue.
Actually what made me do this is cos' I want to join in the fun that NG1A3 started. They started a blog for the cg called The Chosen Ones... and I feel such a bond with them that I still wanna "poke" into their busienss, so I created this... Thanks, guys!
Just came back from a gathering at Mama Jac's place. It was fun; Taboo was fun... I look forward to more great times with the WAMers.

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