Sunday, March 19, 2006

today is Sunday. Sunday is always an exciting day of the week for me. There's so much buzz, excitement and expectation on this day. Seeing so many of my friends in church, serving alongside with fellow servants of God - man, that gives me a high! I must say that WAMers are a wonderful bunch of people. Week-in, week-out, they serve faithfully and wholeheartedly... and they still have fun every single week! It MUST be the work fo God! Deacons, or Levites (quote Fenny), are very important people in the Temple of God. Without them, there won't be any service. You guys can't believe the amount of labour and time these people put in on a Sunday... Anyone not in their role, the service will glitch. That's why, the bible says in Acts... These are people who must be full of wisdom and of the Holy Spirit. Like Michael said, "We need God-moments."
Today, a long-time brother came to church. I haven't seen him in our service since 5million years ago. Well, we had great fun during our Uni days... all the naughty things we did.. When I saw him from backstage, I went to shake his hand and greeted him. He said he just felt like coming back, like this is the place he grew up in. His presence warmed my heart a lot cos it felt like the good ol' days when we were worshipping together as students. That's why i love this church - this is where I grew up and spent the most wonderful days of my life in...


My Personal Space said...

Welcome on board,Princess!!

luwisfenn said...

Hehee... great stuff! But at least we started something ya;)
Looking forward to more virtual sharing from u!

Ur fellow IT-lagging-behind 'levite' ;p