Saturday, March 25, 2006

Last night...

Last night was eventful... quite a bit of things happened... Prayer meeting was one major happening... Mmm, I always get the Heat problem.. Aircon was not enough to cool down the over-flow of people who came for Prayer Meeting last night(good problem). People were hot for Jesus man! Back in Yr 2002, we had the camp in the tent. Man, we had to battle with the major June-Heat problem big time. Thank God for His people who just love Him and who are gracious. I guess when you are soaked in His presence, nothing else really matters.

After that, we were doing supper when a bro received a phone call saying his mum passed away. The whole table was shocked... What touched my heart a lot was how EVERYONE responded so instantaneously, and nearly the whole unit was prepared to stop-short at dinner halfway to go with him. (The food was hardly here... poor HowJoo and the rest who had to finish things up). The few of us went to his place... the air was still... there was a deep sense of sadness in the family... surely. We stayed to see how we can be of help and basically just be there for the bro and his family.

I love this family of God... everyone loves deeply and jumps in to help one another out... That scene of cencerned faces round that dinner table, those immediate response and volunteering to drop everything to accompany the brother back home... Father, You created all these... Love indeed comes from You. Lord, I know You will do that for us too when we call to You for help, or when we tell You about our troubles and predicaments. You will just drop all that You are doing, and rush to us, sometimes helping us to solve the problems, but sometimes, just to come and hug us, and be with us... You, the Most High God, The Almighty, the King of kings... who shed all inhibitions, all the honour, all the privileges of a king, just to be in the presence of sinful, weak, whiny me - Your Child... Man, it's overwhelming... A song wells up:

My heart is captivated Lord by You Alone
Captured by the Awesomeness of You Alone
Melted by the Grace and Mercy You Have shown,
I stand in wonder....
I reach for You the one who makes the blind eye see
Who breaks the chains of sickness with authority
Restoring what was broken,
So it may fly again....
I live to worship You
I breathe to worship You
All of my days Your Face I will seek
For as I worship You,
You lead me to That Place,
To That Place of Divine Exchange...

Thank You, Lord, for this Privilege to be called Your own.

Your Grace still Amazes me....

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Terry said...

Yes, it is wonderful to be part of an extended spiritual family that loves one another unconditionally.