Saturday, May 20, 2006


Weekends are such special days. They are PRECIOUS... Friday nights are always magical - they make you reluctant to sleep early. Last night some of us were out for supper after their music practise. We went to Geylang for Tau Huay, and it was a crazy time in the car, but it was great fun. I was telling Fenny that it is so wonderful that we serve so hard together in church and we play so hard as well, and that's where friendship really grows and the bond really strengthens. Praise the Lord for His love that binds us together. I was real tired after that, but had to get up early today for shepherding, and went out with mum in the afternoon. And the weather definitely didn't help in lessening my frustration. The weather really gets to me... God, pls send some rain to cool down the weather. I remember once I was also frustrated by the weather and I asked God to send rain, and yup, u guessed it.. it rained. I LURVE rainy days - they somehow make me happier.

Tomorrow's always the exciting day of the week - Sunday. So, I'm gonna catch my sleep, and catch you soon too!

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