Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Back in Singapore

Came back from Taipei on Sunday. It was a good trip, thank God.

Cousins in Taipei

Went for DaVinci Code (DVC) seminar in church yesterday. I was greatly encouraged to see so many people in church excited and eager to know the Truth, more importantly, the overwhelming response reflected the teachable hearts of our people. Yup, we had the honour of sitting outside at the reception. Even the reception was packed. Praise the Lord! Actually, what I took back with me after the seminar was an affirmation of my faith. I am SO honoured to have and know the Truth. I am SO privileged that God saved me, put me on the side of Truth, that I do not struggle on the "other side" wondering what is Truth. I also realized, amidst all the controversies, all the allegations, all the long-time accusations and attempts to "overthrow" Christianity, God's Truth is simple: LOVE - His Love. So many theories and furious attempts to disprove the authenticity of the bible, to slam the Divinity of Christ... His Message is just so simple. You will fully comprehend only when you are IN the Truth, IN Him, and experience the truth for yourself. I was filled with gratitude last night as I dwelled in the seminar-aftermath.

Oh, and I wanna talk about my dad. Relationship with my dad used to be so strained when I was growing up. 4 years ago, I decided to live out what the bible says: to honour my parents, and I made the decision to love my dad regardless. Anyhow, that's not the main thing I wanna share. What I wanna talk about is our relationship now. It's so enriching, so special. Now I understand that dads are special. I know and can feel how much my dad loves me. He shows it in his support for my work, sharing so many things about him to me, sharing his experiences with me. I look forward to the day when he's gonna receive Jesus as his personal Saviour and experience true Love - always persevering, always hoping, always THERE. That day's gonna come soon, in Jesus' Name. Thank You Lord, in advance.

My Dad & I

And here's some pics for your viewing pleasure - snippets of recent happenings:

WAM Beauties - Fenny's BIG Day @ Grand Shanghai

My new nephew - Shau Ern

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