Monday, June 19, 2006


Yup, think my body crashed... Think it couldn't withstand the energy that i have within me. Gosh, for a person who doesn't like to sleep and think sleeping is a waste of time, I think I must be REALLY tired to sleep and sleep and still feel tired. Plus the aches of course... Well, guess I haven't really rested properly since before camp, that's why.

I thank God that the WAMers have grown closer... it's really heart-warming to see God's people loving one another and serving together... i can spend eternity with them man...

I think perhaps I am thinking too much. I have so much in me I wanna do, but feel so limited to do it. And it doesn't help that class is starting in 2 weeks' time. The thought of it stresses me up already... God, help me to manage the stress in my life, in everything. Gosh, I feel that I am being (and gonna continue to be) stretched. Feels like God wants to strecth me to do more, do bigger, do better. It's challenging man... but I believe He will expand my territory for me to do more. Thank You for seeing me worthy. I desire to expend my every ounce of energy glorifying You. But Lord, remind me always, to keep in step with Your Spirit, and not run ahead. Anoint me, Expand me, stretch me, and contain me, that I may not crack.

I am excited (though fearful) of the things ahead of me. I want to know You even more, even deeper. Show me Your Glory, and Your Grace!

Chanced upon a blog which pointed me to this interesting personality test. I am like King David! Wow, what an honour!

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o_O !!! said...

so... what does king david say when he steps on cat vomit in the middle of the night? i'm curious. :P