Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Inner Circle

Today's CG was a GREAT time of worship and prayer and dwelling in His Presence... In Him, eveything else pales in comparison. I am always brought back to my days in Uni when things were much simpler, and I could just leap off the mountain for Him in abandonment. Today, life is more complicated - work, the world, cares of life.. But I thank God He has sustained me, to keep my love for Him.. As He said in isaiah, He will sustain me till my old age.
I thank God for the "inner circle" - my CG. To share what God spoke to me about, which was something very personal and somethng humbling... I hesitated a little while, but Inhibitions and Emma are not synonymous most of the time. I felt really quite vulnerable sharing what God spoke to me about.. It felt that my inadequacies and my lack were being displayed out... For a choleric to openly share her weaknesses or anything lesser than the best and the formidable is quite intimidating... But as His Word says, In humility, consider others better than myself... So, exposing my weaknesses, in front of the "inner circle" is not as threatening I guess.. Afterall, this is a bunch of people whom I know, will still love me despite my imperfections... Thanks, guys. It was a GREAT time of just being with The Maker, my Lord. I look forward to going Home...

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