Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tomorrow is like a Wedding Day

Had to sneak a blog post in, cos tomorrow is The BIG Day... I was talking to Pei Key and we were saying it feels like our wedding day tomorrow... We're filled with so much excitement, yet so much apprehensions and so many details we are afraid to overlook. So Pei Key, here's a HUGE *PAT* for you. You did a GREAT job! Aiyah, the most your rewards in heaven a bit more than mine lor... ;)
Tomorrow is camp. Ok, pre-camp. The comm and a whole jing-gang is going for the advance party tomorrow. Lest you think we're gonna enjoy myself, we're going in for the set-up. Lots of work goes before camp actually starts.
Man, I dread for it to be over... Lord, pls extend the unforgettable time we're gonna have there. It's YOUR Show!

For more details and stories, visit after the camp...

Kawan Go Malaka!

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